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Greek Food - Recipes from Rhodes island & Greece

  Recipes from Rhodes & Greece:
Bacaliaros Skordalia Cod in Garlic Sauce
Baked Feta Everyone's favorite.
Bifteki Greek hamburger patties.
Chtapodi Laborigani Octopus with Oil and Oregano
Dolmathes Grape leaf roll ups stuffed with rice.
Fava A Mezedes, or the food you serve to show hospitality and have visitors linger longer!
Garides me Feta Shrimp with feta
Gigantes Lima beans in a tomato sauce, spicy or not.
Greek Gyros The famous hot sandwhich.
Homus The chick pea dip borrowed from the middle east.
Kalamari Deep fried squid, a crowd favourite.
Kokoretsi Lamb's Intestines
Marides Tiganites Fried Whitebait
Marinated Octopus Tradition Greek style octopus in marinade.
Mydia me Tomata Kai Skordo Mussels with Tomato and Garlic
Patatokeftedes Potato Balls
Revithikeftedes Chickpea Balls
Saganaki Fried Kefalotiri cheese
Saganaki Pan fried cheese with a squeeze of lemon.
Spanakopita Commonly known as spinach pie.
Spetzofai Village Sausage with Tomatoes and Red Peppers
Sykotakia Ladorigani Pan fried Liver. Chicken, lamb or beef liver. For when you're mad at the kids!
Taramokeftedes Fish Roe Balls
Taramosalata Greek style caviar that even the kids would like.
Tsatziki The famous cucumber dip that goes with everything.
Tyrokavteri A spicy cheese spread.
Tyropita A delicious, cheese filled pastry.
Tyropites Hot cheese pastries. (A variation of Tyropita)
Tziyerosarmas Lamb or Calf Liver.
Volvi me Ladoxido Mini onion bulbs with dressing

Other Recipes:

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