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Greek Food - Recipes from Rhodes island & Greece

  Recipes from Rhodes & Greece:
Baklava Crushed nuts in a fyllo pastry topped with syrup.
Bougatsa Custard filled fyllo.
Cinnamon Cake
Coconut Cake
Coffee Cake A simple classic.
Ekmek A layered custard cake.
Galactobouriko Custard filled fyllo with a light syrup.
Greek Cake Another traditional favorite!
Greek Travelling Pie Mini cakes, great for the road!
Halva Semolina based dessert.
Kadaife Ekmek A variation of the previous.
Kazan Tipi Don't let the chicken breast confuse you!
Kourambiedes Greek shortbread cookies.
Kourambiedes A variation of the previous recipe.
Loukoumades Greek style doughnuts.
Mangos Not quite Greek, but delicious anyway.
Melomakarona A honey-dipped cookie for the holiday season.
Mitilini A Baleze sweet, cooked in Mitilini - Lesvos for the lent of the 15th of August.
Moustalevria A pudding made from the extract of wine.
Saffron and Honey Pears A Sweet Delight!
Theepless Honey dipped fried batter.
Theepless Another recipe for theepless.
Tsoureki The traditional Greek Easter bread.
Vasilopita The traditional cake served at New Years.
Xalvas me Indokarido Refrigerator Squares.
Zorbre Katasha One for chocolate lovers.

Other Recipes:

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