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Greek Food - Recipe: Halva

Semolina based dessert.

1 Handful Almonds (Chopped)
1 Stick Cinnamon
2 Slice Lemons
1 Cup Olive Oil
2 Cup Semolina
3 Cup Sugar
4 Cup Water
  • Heat the oil and cook the semolina in the oil until golden.
  • Place the almonds to brown with the semolina.
  • In the meantime, warm the water, but do not boil, and dissolve the sugar in it and throw in the lemon and the cinnamon stick.
  • Pour the water into the semolina mix and stir well while pouring.
  • Keep heating until the mixture becomes thick.
  • Pour the mix into a Bundt pan and garnish with almonds and cinnamon.
  • Let stand and serve at room temperature.

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